Who I Am



Dr. Douglas Luce is a board certified psychiatrist trained in both child and adolescent as well as adult psychiatry. He completed his undergraduate studies at Brown and Harvard Universities, during which time he was involved in research including OCD with the Yale-Brown OCD team, Body Dysmorphic Disorder with Dr. Kathy Phillps, and mood disorder studies. 

He is a published author on addiction and worked with Dr. Chuck O’Brian’s team at the University of Philadelphia. He has worked with Dr. Barbara Coffey and trained in PANDAS and tic disorders there. He has been in private practice since completing his medical education and residency training at New York University. Among other awards, he is a five time winner of the Patient’s Choice Award. He regularly treats a broad range of psychiatric disorders, including ADHD, mood and anxiety disorders, behavioral issues, OCD, and autistic spectrum issues. He provides both expert medication management as well as therapy, particularly Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, for such areas as anxiety, mood, and OCD.

He uses a holistic approach to psychiatry, and is a strong believer in mindfulness practices and the role of exercise and lifestyle.