Testimonials from Patients and Families


“I am the father of an adult son with Asperger's Syndrome. My son also suffered from OCD around cleanliness and contamination. He was also quite suspicious of the intentions and motivations of others. Needless to say, this has caused a great deal of stress and anxiety.Dr. Luce quickly and effectively understood and diagnosed the situation. His prescribed solution was nothing short of amazing. My son's OCD has disappeared and his issues around Asperger's are well under control.I am convinced that this entirely favorable outcome is not just down to Dr. Luce's skill and experience. He truly listens. He is very flexible and open-minded. He is completely understanding. He is responsive.My son does not easily allow people into his inner circle of trust, but Dr. Luce caring approach earned his way in immediately. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Luce. I am deeply grateful for having found this terrific professional.”

“You won't find a better doctor to treat you in this field, of being "abnormal" or feeling like you don't "fit in" or into anyone's "specialty or mold. Dr Luce is knowledgeable, kind and understands people and treats his patients with the utmost respect and doesn't "judge" people by their cover. Dr Luce does his due diligence and ask many questions before he gives a five-minute push you out the door clinic-kinda of doctor diagnosis.”

“It is with profound gratitude that I write this review of Dr. Luce who has been treating my daughter for over a year. Dr. Luce is extremely bright, funny, kind and professional and has helped my daughter immeasurably as she grapples with growing up and becoming healthy.”

“I have a son with Aspergers and a daughter with Tourette's. My daughter started seeing him in second grade, when she was one tic mess, on top of that she had ADHD and OCD. She is in sixth grade now and the tics are almost completely gone. My son was seeing another psychiatrist at NYU for Aspergers. Though she was an excellent doctor, he refused to open up to her. For some reason, he started to talk to Dr. Luce when he accompanied us to my daughter's visit. We switched, and within two years, he was mainstreamed back into a regular middle school and in their honor's program. We have a long way to go but Dr. Luce gives very constructive advice, my children adore him, and I honestly can say he is a doctor who cares and makes a real difference. I am so happy our paths crossed.”